Life membership is the highest honour the South Gawler Football Club can bestow upon a member. It recognises continual and voluntary service over an extended period – a minimum ten years service is required by our constitution.

It is therefore an ad-hoc award made on a case specific basis and is not awarded every year. However, the club management is keen, with respect, to revitalise the Life Members group by awarding Life Membership whenever possible – but only if warranted.

Each year a candidate for life membership may be nominated to the Clubs Executive by another Life Member. This nomination is then deliberated by the ‘elders’ of the club before approval only after carefully considering the merits and service of the nominee. The Life Members are the elite of the SGFC.

Life Members
Year Life Member
  J. Fitzgerald
  R.J. Argent
  E. Officer
  T.H. Willett
  J.A. Gleeson
  P.J.W. Gevers
  A. G. Sweeney
  K.M. Jones
  W.W. Isgar
  E. Higgins
  C. Freak Jnr.
  G.W. Hurst
  E.A. Rau
  D.H. Freak
  R.E. Officer
  Eddie Mahoney
  M.V. Heinrich
  A.H. Russell
  F. Hutchins
  B.P. O’Donoghue
  J.T. Symes
  G.E. Nottle
  R.J. Charnstrom
  Mrs. D.J. Symes
  H.C. Adams
  D.A. Clark
  G.P. Short
  R.B. Gordon
  T.E. Gleeson
  A.P. Jenkins
  S.N. Edmonds
  R.J. Riggs
  L.G. Clark
  R. Byrne
  T. Stockton
  J. Daly
  G. Mahoney
  B. Long
  G.S. Shannon
  P. Giles
  R. Symes
  M.K. O’Reilly
  H. Freeman
  D.S. Rolton
  K.P. O’Reilly
  W.T. Causby
  Mrs. C.J. Clark
  C. Bloffwitch
  A.C. Nottle
  Mrs. D.R. McDonald
  Z. Okunieff
  R.J. Shannon
  J.L.P. O’Reilly
  X. Sibenaler
  G.J.T. Newberry
  Mrs L. Officer
  Ms M. Wohlstadt
  P. Montgomerie
  B. Nottle
  R. O’Donoghue
  J.W. Nottle
  I. McDonald
  D. Ellis
  E. P. Alwood
  B. Deuter
  R. Ahrens
  Mrs. M. Mahoney
  P. Bain